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Cat Gunner Vs Zombies

Cat Gunner Vs Zombies

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Cat Gunner Vs Zombies
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Cat Gunner Vs Zombies
  • Rating: 4.78
  • Developer: Dob5 Games
  • Published:August 2023
  • Categories:shooting
  • Type:HTML5
  • Platform:Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

About this game

A deadly biochemical pollution has infected the cat city, and most of the cat citizens have become zombie cats, and zombie cats have invaded the city. In order to defend the cat city, the scientists called the cat agent team, the player should play the role of the cat agent team, eliminate a wave of zombie cats, a lot of zombies, how many levels can you stick to?


Use W,A,S,D to move. Left-click to shoot. For mobile devices, touch the onscreen buttons to move and shoot.



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