GetAway Ninja

GetAway Ninja

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GetAway Ninja

GetAway Ninja

  • Rating: 4.82
  • Developer:Arcadialand
  • Published:August 2023
  • Categories:action
  • Type:HTML5
  • Platform:Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

About this game

Get Away Ninja is an exhilarating auto-run platform puzzle game that puts you in the agile shoes of a stealthy ninja. This engaging game combines the thrills of high-speed running with puzzle-solving and the adrenaline rush of avoiding deadly traps. The gameplay, while simple to understand, demands quick reflexes, strategic thinking, and a keen sense of timing. Every level is a challenge filled with traps such as hidden spikes, shurikens and treacherous pitfalls. Navigating these hazards requires agility, precision, and a deep understanding of the ninja’s unique abilities. As you dash forward, you will encounter Tori’s portals – mysterious


Click or touch to start running. Click or touch while running to jump. Click or touch while sliding a wall to perform a wall-jump.



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