The Last Man

The Last Man

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The Last Man

The Last Man

  • Rating: --
  • Developer: Catom Games
  • Published:November 2023
  • Categories:action
  • Type:HTML5
  • Platform:Browser (desktop - only)

About this game

The Last Man is a top-down survival horror game to escape from a facility infested by aliens. Find and collect all the weapons and gears on your way. Find a way out from these scary and dark places. Don't let your guard down because these aliens can cut your head off with a single hit!


- WASD or ←→↑↓ to move - R to reload - P to pause - SPACE to run - Right mouse to collect items - Left mouse to shoot - Scroll wheel to change weapon - N to use night visiongoggles - T to use thermal gogggles



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