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Epic Banana Run: Merge Master

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Epic Banana Run: Merge Master
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Epic Banana Run: Merge Master
  • Rating: 4.82
  • Developer:Abigames Studio
  • Published:September 2023
  • Categories:action
  • Type:HTML5
  • Platform:Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

About this game

In this captivating game, you'll explore a world brimming with amazing 3D running banana kitty cat. Your objective is run fast to gather these peculiar cutie monsters, become a master of cat banana evolution, and merge them to create the ultimate monster to fight with the big fat Dogie. Prepare to engage in epic battles and emerge victorious in this thrilling merge cat banana simulator.


* Tap the screen to control the character to avoid obstacles and pick up allies * Merge similar allies to get higher level allies and fight against enemies

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