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Number Cube War: Merge Idle

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Number Cube War: Merge Idle
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Number Cube War: Merge Idle
  • Rating: 4.66
  • Developer:Abigames Studio
  • Published:November 2023
  • Categories:casual
  • Type:HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
  • Platform:Browser (mobile, desktop, tablet)

About this game

This endless number cube war is ready to open, merge, defend and fight NOW!!! Two hot and incredible game types combine and turn out as Number Cube War: Merge Idle. Use your brain and reflex movement ability to play this game. Every number cube lore wave will make you hold your breath. Defend the lore, protect the wall and make the strongest number cube swat defense ever.


Drag and drop soldiers to merge them

3d gamecubecasualmerge idlesimulation


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